Saturday, April 27, 2013

Back again..

This blog is so neglected and its been months since I did a last blog post.

Due to change of portfolio at work, I am now seated very near to the Boss which makes it inappropriate to do my personal stuff on the computer unlike in my previous section, I was sitting in the corner of the office.

And my dear lappie at home decided to crash on me and I'm not bother about sending in for repair as I hardly have the time and energy as well to turn on the lappie after the boys slept for the night.

But I have just too many photos in my iPhone that I need to upload and blog about it for posterity sake as I think jotting and posting the photos are a good way of remembering the happy moments as I also rarely develop the photos now.

Let me try posting a couple of photos.. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Monday, January 7, 2013

Reading time..

On good days or nights, reading time for Damien can be outsourced and done by his big brother- Dillion!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Xmas 2012

All children love Christmas especially receiving loads of gifts from relatives and friends.

I been reminding my relatives not to pamper and splurge the Boys on toys as I will have storage problem thereafter. Nevertheless , I'm very thankful that the Boys received several gifts that were related to Cars/ dinosaurs/ Thomas/ Solar system. They squeal in delight whenever they open a pressie.

And made me wish to be a kid all over again !

Monday, December 24, 2012

Kids Amaze at TPY Safra..

Kids Amaze at Toa Payoh Safra on 7 Dec 2012

SAFRA TPY finally opened after being closed for renovations. And we were very excited to know that that there is a indoor playground- Kids Amaze there and so I took a day leave and brought the Boys there since its only few bus stops away.

I would think its one of the most reasonably priced indoor playground.. and be cheaper if you are a SAFRA mmeber. 

The Boys played for a solid 2 hours in there! Dillion love the Ball pit whilst Damien prefer climbing and the slides.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dinosaur Train Live Show on 17 Dec 2012

Last weekend was the final week of most of the kiddy live shows in shopping Malls. So I just have to bring them down to watch Dillion's favourite Dinosaur Train Live at Marina Square on Sunday.

I been quite selective on which type of shows to watch as I try to avoid popular ones like Thomas (at Taka) or Barney (at United Square).. as I do not know if I can handle 2 Boys single handedly incase they get lost in the crowd.

We were there about 50 min before the 1pm show and we were the 5th family in the queue. This time, I was better prepared with Ipod and Iphone for the Boys as there is no way I can leave Dillion alone in the Q whilst I walk around with the hyper active Damien.

Luckily their Daddy came over at 12.30pm with Mc Donalds meal to keep them occupied for a while.

We did not have to wait too long as they let us in at 12.45pm, and we were able to snag a free pass for a meet and greet session even without spending a single amount.

And they were very very organised and good crowd control.. although only 1 Adult were only to enter. Each family was ushered by the usherer and we were guided on where to seat. We managed to get the front row again!

They made new friends while waiting for show to start..

The performers were good in warming up the kids by getting them to jump around and play simple games.. and got them all hyped up and excited!

Glad that I look 'tiny' with them

On a train ride with my #2 boy.. starting to resemblance me right?

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Carnival Fun on 17 Nov 2012

One of my bestie teaches at a Primary school just opposite where we stayed and we were informed that they were holding a carnival in the school premises so we hurriedly troop down over since the weather was sunny (as it been raining for past few days)

We were thankful to be gifted a $10 voucher from her to let the boys enjoy!
My Bestie for 12 years!
The Boys were utterly excited when they entered the school main gate

There were some indoor games that were set up by Parents Volunteer group.  I was chit chatting with one whom this is her pet project and she had only done 1hour out of the 40hour compulsory Parent Volunteer work *gasp* and furthermore, she stayed further away  .

I never knew that this neighbourhood school is so popular.. but I guess with a few top notch school in my area, some parents like me  would prefer a neighbourhood school like this.

Why is our registration scheme for Pri 1 so stressful for us Parents?? I just want my Boys to have their Pri education in a neigbourbood school.. Distant is our top priority when comes to choosing a School for them.

Fun with Damien

Random on 15 November 2012

Dillion's Fav Fruit

He would prefer to eat green apples than red

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Thomas train track

Decided to post this up for memory sake .. We have a big box of Thomas Engine train track but just lazy to do up a proper track for Damien to play.

And decided to do one myself after they slept hopefully to surprise them! To take a photo just in case we misplaced the instuction manual.

Damien's T2

Now we are going another round of Terrible Twos with our #2 boy- Damien.

With Dillion, it was a nightmare for 1st time parents like us without any experience. We just had to try to give in and help him to communicate his needs and wants.

Now with Damien, we are taking things easier and tends to let him have his own time out or let him cry it out a lil' while.

Each kids have their own characteristic and temper..

Damien tends to be quite stubborn and spiteful. At a tender age of 2 years old, he is starting to show bit of attitude.

He was being smacked on his palm for drawing on the floor, he did not or rather refused to cry and chose to look away, fold his arms and not to look at us:

Another incident when I bought the 2 Boys out on my own. Damien insisted that I buy a tin of Xmas cookies for him. I refused and explained to him nicely that we have cookies at home. So he stood there crying and starting to throw his tantrums.

I walked out of the supermarket with Dillion and hide to time-out. Hopefully he would stop and follow us. But he did not so went back to him after 1 min and carried him away .

I can't wait to get over with Terrible 2 and Horrible 3 !

Friday, December 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Great Grandpa!

They always get the limelight by having the honour in cutting the cake and blowing the candles

Random on 3rd Nov 2012

Messy morning

This was what happen on a weekend morning when your Boys woke up much earlier than you..  Your house look as if a hurricane came and left!

The aftermath:

But it was a funny sight seeing the Boys laying the animals neatly..